Irish Life Health Eye Examination

At Opticalrooms we specialise in different areas such as prescription contact lenses, sports frames, visual aids, products for the relief of Dry Eye syndrome etc.

We are always happy to advise individuals and groups on topics of interest and concern related to eye care and eye health. If you are a member of an organisation or group and you feel that a talk would be of benefit to members of your group please feel free to contact us to arrange it. The following are examples of topics of discussion that we are happy to give talks about:

  • Dry Eye and its complications
  • The hazards of blue light emitted from our technical devices
  • Macular degeneration and the increased incidences due to the aging population and modern lifestyle
  • Health and safety at work
  • VDU best practices
  • Contact Lenses
  • Visual wearable technology
  • We are happy to discuss all eye related diseases

Dry Eye Specialist Clinic

We have listened to our patients and realise that Dry Eye is an area of discomfort and concern for so many people. We have patients that have suffered from Dry Eye condition for many years simply because they didn’t realise that there was a solution for their discomfort or because they were applying the incorrect treatment for their problem.

We have done extensive studies in this field and have created our Dry Eye specialist clinic to address the numerous problems related to this. We are happy to work with Spectrum Thea Pharmaceuticals Limited who specialise in providing preservative-free ophthalmic products including user-friendly options for Dry Eye, Lid Hygiene and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction along with a range of Eye Nutritionals to help protect vision. Spectrum Thea are dedicated to delivering innovative, high-quality products which support ophthalmic professionals to provide their customers and patients with the highest level of ophthalmic care.

The extensive Thea range also covers a wide number of therapy areas relevant to ocular health, including prescription products for Glaucoma, Infection, Inflammation and Allergy as well as a range of cutting edge Surgical pharmaceuticals.

Ireland’s Leading Corporate Opticians

Opticalrooms offers onsite Optometry throughout Ireland for every size of corporate and manufacturing companies. We partner with all the national health insurers to offer optical benefits to employees.