VDU Risk Assessment Vision Screening

VDU (DSE) Screening

In any of our optical clinics, we offer employers a convenient near site VDU risk assessment vision screening service. We also come onsite where the numbers justify.

Increasingly employees are finding the excessive use of VDU at work more challenging. Compounding this issue is the explosion in usage of personal devices before work commences, throughout the day and at home each evening. The accumulation of this near concentrated work, places many visual challenges on our eyes. Our comprehensive VDU assessment establishes the strengths and capability of all employees and advise on VDU best practices for continue effective and symptom free work. We are happy to discuss your employees needs and any assessments required.

Our Process

A full report is submitted for all employees screened and every effort is made to ensure a thorough examination is carried out to enhance the visual performance of every employee.

Our fully equipped optical clinics allow us to offer the highest standard in eye care.

We have an informative post covering common FAQ’s on VDU assessments, click here 

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We offer modern frames as part of our package. We also specialise in computer eye strain lenses, such as BlueControl lenses from Hoya.

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On-site services are both convenient and much appreciated by employees. Opticalrooms can deliver this service effectively. We have a fully mobile optical unit capable of delivering any level of optical service you might decide, VDU screening or full eye examination. We also bring a selection of frames and contact lenses on-site.

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