Clinical Excellence

As members of the primary healthcare team, we work alongside doctors every day in the area of ocular health.

We provide screening and management of Glaucoma, Diabetes and Macular Degeneration, to name but a few, and also have relations with consultant ophthalmologists to facilitate easy referral for our patients, when necessary.

When we are suspicious of a condition but are not convinced treatment is needed, we email detailed notes and imagery of our area of concern to our ophthalmologist colleagues asking their opinion prior to formalizing the referral. The ophthalmologist indicates whether or not they need to investigate further.

This Benefits Both Parties Because

  • it removes unnecessary patient referrals, and
  • it frees the consultant from examining patients which Opticalrooms can continue to monitor for him/her

Avoid The Waiting Lists

The patient also benefits from this system because it eliminates the need to attend an appointment at the hospital which isn´t necessary, and it avoids time wasted when their name is added, unnecessarily, to a long waiting list.

Personal Online Prescription Details

Another trail blazing advantage to the service is that all of our customers are given the option of having their own personal online account with their prescription details. They can use this account to order glasses, prescription sunglasses, and contact lenses online, which can be delivered directly to their home or place of work.