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Every new business starts because they feel that they have something great to offer.

Our business model includes optical clinics within:

  • Corporate Wellness Centres
  • Primary Health Care Centres
  • Convenient Online Ordering

We, at OpticalRooms, feel that the focus has shifted off the patient, and great eye care, and was instead firmly fixed on high sales and revenue. We decided to rebel against this ethos and want to place the focus back on the patient and the best service that we can give them. Opticalrooms have removed ourselves from the high street and are based in Medical Centres as part of a primary health care provider team.


Corporate Wellness

We also specialize in Corporate wellness and work onsite in many of the large corporate businesses throughout the country. We are working in conjunction with many of the large healthcare providers, such as GloHealth, VHI, Laya, VSP, Spectrum Health, to name but a few.


We have locations across Ireland, contact us to find your closest location or book an appointment below.


We have multiple locations across Dublin both on and off-site


OpticalRooms Cork is located in the Cork Wellness Centre, Hollyhill


OpticalRooms now @ Galway Primary Care, Tuam Road


We have on-site Optical clinics at Microsoft, Apple and Intel Campuses

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OpticalRooms Services

Full Optical
Service On-Site


We offer a comprehensive eye examination covering all aspects of eye care and eye health.

VDU Screening


We offer comprehensive on-site VDU screening for companies through the country.



In any of our optical clinics, we offer employers a convenient near site VDU screening service.

Get Your Eyes Tested for AMD


Begin a new chapter and get your Eyes tested for AMD at our Dublin OpticalRooms Clinics.

GloHealth Eye Examination


We realise that Dry Eye is an area of discomfort and concern for so many people.

Ireland’s Leading Corporate Opticians

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Opticalrooms offers onsite Optometry throughout Ireland for every size of corporate and manufacturing companies. We partner with all the national health insurers to offer optical benefits to employees.