Medical experts from online pharmacy discover unexpected advantage in the denial of sex

Refusing to have sex for the sake of a partner can improve a relationship in a loving couple. The first phase of the study involved 185 volunteers, including 90 men and 95 women between the ages of 18 and 68. Based on the results of the survey, the medical experts from evaluated SCSS – a measure of a person’s willingness to have sex at the request of a partner. In addition, another characteristic, SCSN, was also used.

It showed how often the subject was willing to give up sexual intercourse for a partner who was “not in the mood.” The level of satisfaction from the relationship measured in the case if he/she insisted on intimacy and the partner refused. It is noted that people with high SCSN were less upset about the partner’s refusal to have sex and were more satisfied with the relationship. It didn’t depend on the sex of the person.

The second part of the study involved 255 couples who also rated SCSS and SCSN, the degree of sexual satisfaction, desire, and willingness to understand the partner’s point of view if he/she disagreed with the respondent’s point of view. It turned out that women were more in need of a man with a high SCSN than men. Scientists attribute this to the fact that couples have children and mothers spend more energy on their children.