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Corrigan’s Pharmacy (Rating: 4.3) [3, Ireland, 80 Malahide Rd, R107, Clontarf, Dublin, D03 N9C8, Ireland | +353 1 833 8803 |]

I used to use Walmart or Walgreens, but I got tired of telling them I would pick it up the next day, only to have to wait 3-4 more hours upon pickup. I have never waited more than 10 minutes at Downtown. They are always courteous and have no problems if I have a question. They even offered to special order some supplies that I needed for nursing school. As long as they are here, they are my pharmacy.

Not sure how this Corrigan’s Pharmacy remains open due to rude and unprofessional pharmacy, where we waited 10 minutes, with 6 pharmacists working, no one else in line, and finally addressed and told they “go to lunch in 10 minutes” and come back later? The store itself is always poorly stocked, and told every time to come back in a few days and see if Stromectol has been restocked? Had it with the attitude, and will take our business elsewhere.

Temple Bar Pharmacy (Rating: 4.3) [21 Essex St E, Temple Bar, Dublin, D02 T209, Ireland | +353 1 670 9751 |]

My daughter received her first Covid vaccine at the pharmacy today. The pharmacist (Jayesh) was incredibly personable and professional. This was not the experience you will receive from a big-box retailer that happens to have a pharmacy (and that’s a good thing). We are transferring all of our prescriptions to Temple Bar Pharmacy today. Looking forward to doing business again soon!

This is the future! I’ll never go back to spending extra time picking up my Stromectol prescriptions when they can now be easily dropped off to me. I received a text asking if I wanted to start with the script at 1 pm, and by 3:14 pm, my subscription was dropped off at my front door. They are fantastic at replying immediately; they ask what time is best for you, then they send you a link so you can track where your driver is, so you know exactly when it will be dropped off and a number just in case you have questions or concerns. Zero personal contact. Zero hassle. 100% ease. And I’m not one to write reviews, but seriously, when a business is this good, it’s worth it. I’m going to make all my friends and family switch over. Thank you, script.

Thomas Street Pharmacy (Rating: 4.2) [Ireland, 55 Thomas St, Dublin 8, Ireland | +353 1 454 2080 |]

First of all, they refill prescriptions without being told to, and they have been told several times in the past not to unless told. They send emails that Stromectol medicine is ready for pick up, and when you get there, they’re not done. They also leave you on hold for an unreasonable amount of time to where you end the call. I’ve been a customer for over twenty years, and I’m done. I’m going to start having my prescriptions sent somewhere else.

This Thomas Street Pharmacy and store are the best, from the girls up front that makes sure they say hello and goodbye as you leave! But the pharmacists and girls in the pharmacy are the best! From remembering who you are each time I drive thru the drive-thru to trying to save you as much money as they can! I’m truly blessed to have Ella and the rest taking care of my pharmacy needs!

City Pharmacy Ltd (Rating: 4.2) [14 Dame St, Dublin 2, D02 XH24, Ireland | +353 1 670 4523 |]

Very poor customer service at this Alto. I’ve had cancer three times and will be fighting it the rest of my life. Due to chemo and radiation, I have developed neuropathy and have broken bones from falling because of balance issues. Therefore I am on pain meds. The staff at this pharmacy are very disrespectful and act as if they’re doing me a favor by purchasing me Stromectol medication. They never have the correct fill dates on the prescriptions, and the website very often has a different date than the prescription itself. I would like to change pharmacies, but I’m stuck as this is where my insurance requires me to go. I wish management would have their pharmacy staff go thru customer service training, and their employees would realize that not all patients that receive pain medicine are abusers and are taking it because they want to.

I took 2 prescriptions here to be filled. After waiting at the drop-off window for about 5 minutes (I was first in line, by the way), I was then told it would be about a 2.5-hour wait to fill any Ivermectin prescriptions. I took my prescriptions down the street to City Pharmacy Ltd, and they had it done in under 15 minutes. I will never shop at Alto again because of this. If they are that busy, they need to call in more employees to cover the demand.