Remote VDU Assessments


Remote VDU Assessments

Here at OpticalRooms are more than aware of the challenges faced by companies striving to engage and assist their remote office worker. Home workstations vary dramatically, as well as the various locations and devices used throughout the working day.

In an effort to assist companies to meet their duty of care in these challenging times, we are delighted to offer a remote VDU assessment platform that has been adapted to overcome the limitations of a remote assessment. Using this new method we can establish if an employee meets the standard to operate a VDU.

Our remote VDU assessment for teleworkers is offered in 10-minute appointments with the objective to establish if employees meet the standard and are symptoms free while using VDUs.

Employees with issues, symptoms of eyestrain or who have not had a full eye exam in 2 years will be referred for a full eye test at their local optician. We also offer the possibility of our remote glasses-mounted wearable should the issue appear to be with the employee’s workstation set-up or they are having postural issues.

Glasses-Mounted Monitor

We will carry out the following over a 10 minute, zoom 1:1 chat

  • ocular history and symptoms
  • intermediate and near vision assessments for both eyes individually
  • contrast sensitivity, (i.e. the ability to see in low light levels)
  • colour vision 
  • amplitude of accommodation
  • eye muscle movements (motility test)
  • depth perception test
  • Amsler grid for any near vision central field defects
While this is not a full eye examination it will fulfill your duty of care and identity employees that need further attention.
The cost per employee is €20 which includes all of the above-listed assessments as well as a VDU report with the recommended outcomes for each employee.

During the consultation, we will make recommendations to each employee about the optimum set up and usage of their screen. With more and more surveys indicating working from home is here to stay, we are cognisant of the reports also highlighting the potential for an employee to overwork and suffer from burnout. The most common visual issue is Computer Vision Syndrome or commonly referred to as digital eye strain. Ocular symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CSV) are:

  • blurred vision,
  • burning sensation,
  • eye redness,
  • lacrimation (tearing),
  • ocular pain or discomfort,
  • focusing problems,
  • diplopia (double vision)
  • dry eye symptoms and
  • eyestrain

Aside from extra-ocular complaints such as headaches, neck and shoulder pains, CVS is experienced by 90% of computer users. The reduced activity of blinking, environmental factors such as air conditioners, winter, high temperature, decreased humidity, corneal exposure due to higher gaze angle in desktop monitor viewing, aging changes, female gender, untreated refractive errors, focusing inability, or incorrect sitting posture can all contribute to the development of CVS.

In the ocular treatment of CVS, correction of any refractive errors, use of occupational glasses, and treatment of dry eyes are often required.

Additionally, we make some ergonomics recommendations to the employees we deem at higher risk for CVS. After each remote VDU assessment, we issue the employee a report confirming their ability/inability to meet the VDU standard. We also send a 13 point recommendation list offering advice and guidance on VDU best practices.

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Remote VDU Assessments flow chart

Remote VDU Assessments flow chart