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If you are looking for an affordable Modafinil pharmacy, you may take a look at this list of online companies that have a flexible discount system for regular customers. Their loyalty card gives you a discount of 8 to 12% on Provigil pills. And a special bonus program allows accumulating bonuses. It can be used when making the following purchases.

Hickey’s Pharmacy Grafton Street (Rating: 4.0) [21 Grafton Street, Dublin 2, D02 FW29, Ireland | +353 1 679 0467 |]

The folks in the pharmacy are fabulous! They got me in and out quickly and even found me a coupon for one of my prescriptions. They could certainly use more people, but they are constantly humming to get the job done – and with a smile! We’ve switched all of our scripts from the W for better customer service! The store employees are always friendly and helpful as well. Kudos to Hickey’s Pharmacy Grafton Street!

Absolutely garbage on every level. I’ve never had so many problems with a pharmacy before, and I regret switching over in order to save money (I pay out of pocket and most of my prescriptions are on their $4 plan; they would be several times more expensive anywhere else). They are NEVER on time filling prescriptions. I will call and say I’m coming in to pick up my meds in 30 minutes, they’ll promise it will be ready, and I’ll wait 2-3 hours before I come in just to be sure. They’re still never ready. Sometimes I’ve come in the day after, and they’re still not done. Worse than that, they haven’t been getting the faxes from my doctor for refills (or so they claim) despite my doctor assuring me he called in the refills 3-4 times. Unbelievably incompetent, I’ll be going elsewhere and paying the extra money to not have to deal with these issues.

Foley’s Chemist (Rating: 4.7) [136 Parnell St, Rotunda, Dublin 1, D01 A9C7, Ireland | +353 1 874 6972 |]

Dr. Susan was amazing!! She fix a tremendous mistake my PCP made to give me the medicine I needed for a terrible sickness I had… she had a lot of patience with men who worked with me to feel comfortable with my medication, explain side effects, and everything… I can’t ask for more… n then, the two cashiers were also sweet and efficient… Highly recommended!!!

I absolutely love how kind, caring, patient, and understanding the staff at Foley’s Chemist is! I have had to call to see if prescriptions were ready (due to preauthorization) calling 5 days in a row! The staff was very understanding! Also, they have a lovely selection of Modafinil at low prices in store! I bought my daughter a doctor’s kit there, paid $5.30, and she loved it! Thankful for the staff here!

Conefrey’s CarePlus Pharmacy (Rating: 4.9) [136 Pearse St, Dublin 2, D02 R270, Ireland | +353 1 677 3234 |]

The Asian manager at this store is a complete mess, rude and unprofessional. On December 20th at 5 pm, this manager went beyond and above not to solve my issue. He clearly had no intentions of assisting and completely brushed me off. I’ve never in my life experienced this kind of treatment from Conefrey’s CarePlus Pharmacy employee, but for a manager/supervisor to act this way, well, it reads to take your business somewhere else.

Love that they have spots that are designated for R.X. only. You pull into a spot, call the pharmacy and speak to someone and they look your prescription(s) up while you are on the phone and if they aren’t already done, get them done and bring them to your vehicle when you are too sick to go in and get them. The pharmacist will even counsel you over the phone if you need it. Fairly fast service also. Awesome!!

Lombard Pharmacy (Rating: 4.7) [32 Lombard St E, Dublin 2, D02 EH24, Ireland | +353 1 677 0781 |]

My family and I have used Lombard Pharmacy since we moved here 6 years ago. They are very kind to us and always give us what we need, and super quick too! They recognize us by name (me and all 6 of my brothers) and are always happy to see the family doing well. Even when I’ve been in a rush and had to pick up meds right away, they got it on the spot. There’s never an extended time to wait in order to get our meds. I think that this cute little pharmacy is so much better than CVS or other bigger pharmacy companies, and they treat you more like people.

Worst experience of my life. The worst pharmacy ever!!! First of all the staff is super slow. La la la la The Doctor looks like she hates her job, looks like she hates the world. Her facial Expression was horrifying. Looks like a demon. No smile. Slamming stuff, rude to her own staff. The staff looked like they are terrified of her. It took them almost a week to give me my medicine. No call to let me know that my prescription was ready. I had to go inside. The drive-thru was a SUPER slow long wait. The pharmacy NEVER EVER picks up the phone. If they do, you’re on hold forever. When you Inside the machine is so annoying. Repeating — five Pharmacy calls, over and over… I don’t recommend anybody to go to this awful pharmacy. The only person that was helpful in this pharmacy was Aldo. He’s the only person that actually helped me in some way.