Here we share the most recent comprehensive research on dry eye disease and how to potentially self manage. Over a 2.5 year period, involving 150 clinicians and research experts from around the world, a global consensus on the treatment and management of dry eye disease...

ThealozDuo eye drops contains both hyaluronic acid and trehalose, the natural combination of 2 lubricants for optimal protection, hydration and lubrication of the eyes.

Liquivisc® is a high viscosity eye drop for the management of dry eye disease that has a low level of preservative, allowing reduced dose frequency.

In practice dry eye is extremely common. There are a host of reasons why people have the daily discomfort of dry eye ranging from one’s overall health, rheumatic diseases, certain medications, hormonal changes and of course the environment

Omega 3 and the Eye. With a growing number of food supplements on the market claiming to improve and maintain eye health, many people are confused about the different vitamins and eye supplements specifically suited to them. It is important to realise that most food...

This is an area of special interest for us, at OpticalRooms, we encounter people daily, in our clinics, suffering with dry eyes. It is now estimated that up to 40% of people experience varying degrees of dry eye. Largely lead by our indoor, tech lifestyles.

Healthy eyes Promotional week is one of the anticipated events this year. This media promotional week has been organised by the Association of Optometrists Ireland, our governing body and the FODO Optical group. The aim is to educate the public on the importance of regular eye examinations to prevent eye conditions.