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Sea2See Belluno Blue Matte Glasses


This muted blue frame has an edgy design that is smart, stylish and au courant. If you are looking for something that leads rather than follows, this frame is a must.

The Belluno range comes in selected tones that accommodate all complexions, these glasses fit perfectly into both ladies’ and gentlemen’s wardrobes. They have a timeless look with the added bonus of being part of the “Ocean Plastic Fashion” wave.

Join the movement of people opting for fashion against ocean plastic by choosing our Sea2See sustainable range of eyewear.

Purchasing a frame makes you part of the change!

Sea2See Belluno Blue Matte Glasses

This Belluno frame is not only stylish but also sustainable eye wear, as it is part of the fashion against ocean plastic movement.

It’s size makes it a suitable choice for both men and women, depending on personal preference.

From 100% Marine Waste To 100% Handmade In Italy

This range comes in five different colours – Black Matte, Havana Green Spark, Havana, Red out/Grey in and Blue Matte.

Technical Specifications For The Belluno Frame:

  • Size: 54 / 16 / 140
  • 100% Hand made in Italy.
  • Ultra Light and ultra resistant: 20 gr.
  • Metallic E.F.H (Extra Flex Hinges)
  • EC guarantee.
  • Made with 100% recovered marine plastic.
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