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Batteries For Blephasteam Goggles 2nd Generation


Product Info:
This rechargeable lithium batteries are designed exclusively to work with the Blephasteam II Goggles

Pack of two replacement batteries

Only use specific Blephasteam batteries in your device. Using other batteries could damage your device and will void your warranty.

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Batteries For Blephasteam Goggles 2nd Generation

How often should the batteries be changed?

• If Blephasteam® is used twice a day, the batteries should last about one year, but will last longer if used less frequently.
• If Blephasteam® is used more than twice a day (in doctors’ offices on several patients), the batteries may need to be replaced more often than once a year.

How to know its time to order new batteries:

4 audible alert beeps followed by the green batteries light flashing:

This means Batteries are becoming drained; order new batteries and replace the old ones. The device can still be used.

The device status light is flashing orange and green, and the green batteries light is “ON” continuously:

This means the batteries are drained, replace batteries with the new ones, the device in this case cannot be used.


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