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Thealoz Duo 10ml Eye Drops


Thealoz Duo Eye Drops improve dry eye symptoms and are clinically proven to give long-lasting improvements in tear film thickness with regular use.

  • Protects, Hydrates and Lubricates the eye’s surface
  • Suitable for all dry eyes
  • Clinically proven to last a long time on the eye
  • Unique bottle system means NO preservatives
  • Can be used for up to 3 months from opening
  • Hypotonic formulation for effective relief
  • Can be used with all types of contact lenses

Further tips and advice here on how to self-manage dry eyes

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Thealoz Duo 10ml Eye Drops

Say Goodbye to Dry Eyes with Thealoz Duo!

All-Day Comfort in a Bottle Dry eyes? We’ve got you covered! Thealoz Duo is here to make your eyes feel awesome again. It’s like a super drink for your eyes, keeping them comfy and happy all day long.

What’s Inside? Pure Magic (aka Science!)

  • Sodium Hyaluronate: This is like a superhero for dry eyes! It’s super good at holding onto water, so your eyes stay moist and comfy. Think of it as a mini oasis for your eyes.
  • Trehalose: This cool ingredient is like a shield for your eyes. It protects them from all the harsh stuff like air conditioning and dry weather. It’s like having your own personal eye bodyguard!

Easy to Use

  • No Nasty Preservatives: We keep it clean and simple. No preservatives, just pure relief.
  • Contact Lens Friendly: Wear contacts? No worries! You can use Thealoz Duo with any type of contact lens.
  • Long-Lasting: Just a few drops and you’re good to go for hours.
  • Big Bottle Bonus: Each bottle lasts for 3 months after opening. That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

Why Thealoz Duo:

  • Double Action Relief: It’s got two awesome ingredients that work together to make your eyes feel great.
  • Works Like a Charm: Clinically proven to make your tear film thicker and keep your eyes feeling great.
  • Use it Whenever: Pop a drop whenever your eyes need a little love.

Give Your Eyes the TLC They Deserve! Thealoz Duo is perfect for anyone and everyone with dry eyes. Whether it’s from staring at screens all day or just because, a drop of Thealoz Duo and you’re set for hours. Your eyes will thank you!

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