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Dry Eye Kit


This comprehensive Dry Eye Pack includes: all original and full size

  • Optase Moist Heat Pack
  • Optase TTO Eyelid Cleansing Gel
  • Hylo-forte lubricant eye drops, 10ml
  • Optase Omega Vision Capsules (60), 2 caps. a day.

Includes a Free Optase Protect disinfection eye spray a triple action disinfection for your eyes, eyelids and surrounding skin.

Suitable for all ages.


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Dry Eye Kit

This comprehensive Dry Eye Kit offered by Scope Ophthalmic.

This is utilises a proven approach to managing dry eyes, employing a formula of heat, cleansing and lubricating the eyes.

If you are confused about how to tackle your dry eye, this pack covers all the necessary steps to both manage and reduce your propensity to dry eye symptoms. This Dry Eye Kit includes 3 items all full size original and in date items.

Includes an 1) Optase Moist Heat mask, reusable. 2) Optase TTO lid cleansing wipes and 3) HyloDual eye drops


Optase & Hylo offer

Optase & HyloDual offer




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