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Blephasteam Replacement Rings


The first eyelid warming treatment, which achieves a standardised moist & heat therapy with real efficacy.

These Blephasteam Replacement Rings are for use with Blephasteam goggles.

The rings provide a warm environment to improve the comfort of dry eyes and blepharitis.

Each ring must be wet before use and can only be used once and must be replaced for each session.

A fresh ring is first dipped in water and then placed inside the goggle eyepiece, for each eye. The heat from the goggle causes the moisture to release, creating a moist heat environment proven to be the most effective method of treating chronic dry eyes.

Blephasteam Replacement Rings

What is Blephasteam?

  • Blephasteam is a unique, medically approved, moist eyelid warming device to relieve symptoms of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and associated lid diseases
  • Blephasteam provides electronically controlled moisture and heat therapy to unblock the meibomian glands

Blephasteam is a CE marked eyelid-warming medical device that helps relieve symptoms of MGD and associated eye diseases such as posterior blepharitis, meibomitis, ocular rosacea, chalazion, contact lens intolerance and dry eye.

Research has shown that by unblocking the meibomian glands, tear quality is improved, which has positive benefits for comfort, vision and eye health. This product has been designed in collaboration with eye care specialists, Blephasteam is based on scientific studies that suggest daily application of heat and humidity has a beneficial effect on various MGD conditions.

Unlike some alternative eyelid warming devices, such as hot compresses, Blephasteam is electronically controlled to maintain a stable heat for the entire duration of treatment, importantly at the correct temperature.


  • Unique design allows you to set optimum temperature
  • Convenient and easy-to-use – 10 minutes twice daily
  • Preserves blink quality
  • Scientifically proven by an independent body to improve tear quality, decrease tear evaporation and improve vision
  • CE marked medical device


Blephasteam should be used twice a day, unless otherwise recommended by an eye care professional. At least 4 hours should be allowed between sessions.

Blephasteam is easy to use:

  1. Blephasteam operates while plugged into an electrical outlet. It needs to preheat for 15 minutes before use.
  2. The Blephasteam rings must be moistened with mineral water, or saline solution, and be placed inside the device. The device is now ready to use. These rings are single use only and must be thrown away after use. New rings must be used for each treatment in order to ensure optimal efficacy and hygiene.
  3. Sessions are 10 minutes long. Blephasteam allows clear vision during the session so the patient can carry out normal activities.
  4. After 10 minutes the session is complete. Stop using Blephasteam and throw the rings away. Each Blephasteam device must be used by a single individual only and must be cleaned carefully with the provided dry blue cloth or with an alcohol-soaked wipe after each use.
  5. For a complete treatment, the eyelids should be massaged and cleaned with a pad.

The instruction leaflet gives more detailed information.

Blephasteam must not be used whilst wearing contact lenses.

Size: Box of 100 replacement rings


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