ThealozDuo Eye drops

ThealozDuo Eye drops

ThealozDuo: Offers A New Innovation in Dry Eye Treatment


Thealozduo is ideal for easing the symptoms of all dry eye disease. Causes include:

  • Decline of tear production with age
  • Certain medications e.g. oral contraceptives, anti acne medications, diuretics
  • Certain general health conditions e.g. autoimmune disease such as arthritis
  • Computer use
  • Environmental factors, e.g. air conditioning, pollution
  • Contact lens wear
  • Post laser surgery
  • Blepharitis-inflammation of the eyelids

ThealozDuo eye drops contains both hyaluronic acid and trehalose, the natural combination of 2 lubricants for optimal protection, hydration and lubrication of the eyes.

Dry Eye means that your eyes may

  • not be making enough tears
  • the tears may be of poor quality or
  • your tears may evaporate faster than they should

The normal function of the tears is to keep the surface of the eye wet and lubricated. Any reduction in tear quality will produce a gritty and burning sensation, and may cause your vision to be unstable.

The eyes may also feel tired, red, watery, painful and sensitive to light. Contact lenses may be uncomfortable to wear for any sustainable period.

Dry eye cycle

Dry eye cycle

ThealozDuo contains two key naturally occurring ingredients which soothe the symptoms of dry eyes:


  • Hyaluronic acid for lubrication and long lasting relief from dry eye symptoms. It is naturally present in the human body and acts like a sponge, retaining water and releasing it, progressively. This leads to optimum water retention and is superior at improving the stability of the tear film compared with other dry eye formulations. It also stays on the eye surface longer than other dry eye drops.


  • Trehalose for protection of the ocular surface in dry environments (e.g. air conditioning). It is a naturally occurring di-saccharide that is used by certain plants, fungi, invertebrate animals and bacteria to help them survive extreme conditions. It has an ability to protect from hot, cold, oxidation and desiccation stress. It protects corneal epithelial cells from dying of dehydration and protects proteins and membranes from denaturation.


Thealozduo improves dry eye symptoms and is clinically proven to give long lasting improvements in tear film thickness with regular use.

ThealozDuo comes in a choice of applications:

  • 10ml bottle of solution (preservative free, suitable for use up to 3 months after opening).
  • 30 single dose units (preservative free, convenient)
  • Thealoz Duo Gel (especially suited to night time use, an alternative to frequent use of drops). Can be used alone or as an adjunct to drops.

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Thealoz Duo