Remote Eye-Care Assistance

Remote Eye-Care


Remote eye assessment







During these difficult times it seems somewhat impossible to get help with any eye problems you may have without putting yourself in danger of contracting something potentially far more serious. As a society we are having to rethink how we structure our days and carry out our tasks. Companies are finding creative ways to offer the best possible service to their clients, customers and patients in these troubled times. At OpticalRooms we support the idea of #StayAtHome but we also want to ensure that our patients aren´t suffering because of it. For this reason, we are offering our new service of Eye Health Consultations from Home. We are introducing a system of remote assessments of the front of the eye which should help to alleviate the stress and confusion of wondering if you should seek further help with your eye problem.


Mobile upload

By embracing modern technology and leveraging the efficiency of high quality cameras on mobile phones we will guide you though the process of taking a photo of the eye and sending it to us for assessment. We have 6 simple steps for you do exactly that!


Remote Optical assist

Once we receive the photo(s) of your eye, a member of our team of professionals will check it to ensure it is of an acceptable quality and will assess your potential problem. They will then contact you to discuss their observations and talk about possible solutions moving forward.