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Coopervision Biomedics Toric Fortnightly


  • Two-week replacement schedule
  • Corrects astigmatism
  • Excellent, stable visual performance
  • Chiseled edge design for better comfort

Order Coopervision Biomedics Toric fortnightly contact lenses

Please select options for left/right eye. You can order for left, right or both eyes. Please refer to your prescription.

Coopervision Biomedics Toric Fortnightly

CooperVision® Biomedics® toric is the benchmark standard hydrogel lens for patients who need correction for astigmatism and prefer a two-week replacement schedule.

These toric contact lenses are known for crisp, clear vision. And due to their chiseled edge and extremely stable performance, Biomedics toric contacts provide excellent, sharp vision and lasting comfort.

Ask your eye care professional about Biomedics toric contact lenses.

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