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AIR OPTIX Monthly contact lenes


This is part of the Alcon AIR OPTIX® portfolio of monthly replacement contact lenses which merges two unique technologies

SmartShield® Technology provides excellent deposit resistance and the HydraGlyde®Moisture Matrix delivers longer-lasting lens surface moisture

Order Alcon Air Optix with HydraGlide Monthly Contact Lenses with SmartShield Technology

Please select options for left/right eye. You can order for left, right or both eyes. Please refer to your prescription.

AIR OPTIX Monthly contact lenes

Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde

  • Eyes feel fresher for longer
  • HydraGlyde ® Technology produces an ultra-thin protective layer
  • SmartShield® Technology to maintain wettability and resist lipid deposits throughout the full wearing cycle.

Air Optix plus HydraGlyde are the latest, enhanced addition to the Air Optix range of monthly replacement, silicone hydrogel contact lenses. HydraGlyde has been added to Air Optix contact lenses to ensure longer-lasting surface wettability to keep the contact lenses continuously hydrated throughout the day, thus improving the lens wearing experience. This technology is designed to attract and retain moisture on soft contact lenses.HydraGlyde Technology promotes a unique hydrophilic barrier that helps lower friction to provide longer-lasting moisture.

Contact Lens Details

Manufacturer: Alcon Type: Monthly Contanct Lenses Base Curve (BC/Radius): 8.6 Diameter: 14.2 Material: 67% Water + 33% Lotrafilcon B   Oxygen Permeability: 26 Dk/t  Visibility tint: Yes UV Protection: No


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