Optase Protect to disinfect your eyes and skin around the eyes


Optase Protect to disinfect your eyes and skin around the eyes

Optase Protect.

During this current pandemic health crisis we are all concerned about our health and the effects of our actions on the health of others. A timely release from Scope is a comprehensive eye spray that has a lot of capability and benefits which I will briefly outline here.

There are many bacteria living happily on our skin, around our eyes and eye lids. Typically, issues only arise when there is an over-abundance of the bacteria and  the normal balance is out of whack. In clinic this can have many presentations from, blepharitis, lid styes and the more deep seat chalazions to name but a few. Patients will describe waking with lid scale and crust in the corner of their eye lids etc.

During the COVID-19 crisis we are now all well aware of the potential for viral infection to spread. Touching our face and eyes is a very natural habit but one we need to become more aware of. We have detailed in other blog articles about how to effectively clean your glasses and try not to introduce infection in to our eyes etc.

This new Optase Protect spray offers a triple action protection for our skin and eye lid area, offering protection from virus, bacteria and fungal infection. Easy to administer in a spray formate we envisage this will be a very welcome and timely addition for people to have to hand.


Optase Product Benefits

I will remind patients regularly 80% of dry eye suffers have an underlying condition called Blepharitis. This is linked to many bacterial sources and requires almost constant vigilance with lid cleansers, heat packs and eye drops to alleviate/manage.

The active ingredient in Optase Protect is Hypochlorous acid. This is a naturally produced by-product of our immune white blood cells, employed as our first line of defence against harmful germs. Beneficially it has potency against bacteria, virus and fungi, without being abrasive to our skin or unbalancing our natural pH.


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Scope offers a lot of statistics and research around the effectiveness of this spray but it safe to say the active ingredient (HOCL) has been employed in many cleaning products and across many industries previously. Now it is available to us in the optical industry for our patients, and beneficially it is suitable for all ages, including children. We feel it will be beneficial across all patient categories but in particular to glasses and contact lens wears what have regular contact with their eyes and the skin around them. The spray is preservative free and last up to 12 months.

If you would like to purchase online Optase Protect click here and we will post it out directly to you.


Optase Product Effectiveness