Hylo-Forte Eye Drops

Hylo-Forte Eye Drops


The selection of products available for dry eye through the HSE has been limited up until recently.


Hylo_Forte eye drops


Now Hylo-Tear and Hylo-Forte are allowed on the GMS and can be prescribed by your doctor if you have a valid medical card. If you do not have a medical card we can supply you with any of the 6 offerings, from the Hylo- range.

This is a welcome boast for dry eye treatment as these are 2 excellent products that benefit both mild to moderate dry eye and moderate to severe dry eye.

The delivery system of these drops is unique in that they are preservative free but last 6 months.

An innovative filtering system prevents the drops from spoiling. Typically an eye drop solution, is only valid for a month as the preservative dissipates. This delivery system guarantees sterility of the drops for 6 months and is preservative free. The third Hylo-care product is over the counter and not available on prescription.

This has a more specific use and aim at corneal regeneration for patients who have suffered a trauma injury to their eyes.

Just to detail some of the other products in the image above. The Hylo-Night is a thick gel used as a night time lubricant, with Vitamin A incorporated into the formulation as the name suggests. Typically the thicker gels are advised for night time use as they can blur the vision slightly upon insertion to the eyes.

Oral omega 3 supplements are gaining great momentum and the long term benefits are undisputed at this stage. Incorporating the benefits of omega 3, in the more beneficial form with EPA and DHA have proven anti-inflammatory benefits. These were only available previously directly from the manufacturers but now can be bought within pharmacies.

Lid hygiene is recommended for those suffering from blepharitis,  a scale that coats the lids and leads frequently to the formation of cysts and styes. Removing the scale dramatically lowers the risk of lid disease and generally improves dry eye symptoms.

Dry Eyes?

We offer Dry Eye assessments in our clinics across Ireland.  Some other Hylo products you may also be interested in below.