Biofinity Energys

Biofinity Energys

Biofinity Energys.

“Don’t sit too close to the TV or you’ll ruin your eyesight!” was once uttered by concerned parents around the world.
There was some truth in the warnings because TVs developed before the 1950s emitted levels of radiation
that could increase the risk of eye problems after repeated and extended exposure. 

These issues are now a thing of the past as modern TVs have a totally different design. Nowadays, the eye problems that televisions cause are strain and fatigue.

Of course, it isn´t only TVs – we now have an additional range of digital devices in our everyday lives, such as smartphones, tablets, ebooks and computers.

Any and all of these devices lead to symptoms of digital eye fatigue, such as dry, irritated eyes, blurred vision, eye strain, neck and back pain, and headaches.

Children and adults are just as likely to watch TV on a tablet or phone as they are to watch a traditional TV.

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc are a must on a daily basis, people regularly check their email and send text messages, online shopping has hit record highs.

The obvious way to reduce the digital eye fatigue is to reduce the amount of time spent on digital devices –

but is there an alternative solution?
The answer is YES. The future has arrived. There has been a breakthrough in contact lens technology.


Coopervision, one of the global leaders in contact lens development and production have launched a new product aimed to specifically combat these modern ailments – Biofinity Energys the first soft contact lens with Digital Zone Optics™.
This lens design helps with eye tiredness caused by focusing on close-up digital devices and allows you to see clearly and go from on-screen to off-screen and back with less effort – you know how that feels.
You´ve been working on your computer/surfing on your phone and you look away from the screen and everything is blurred.

The material used is also strategic Aquaform® Technology attracts and binds water throughout the lens material to retain moisture – natural wettability that can help your eyes feel less dry.

The statistics are that over 50% of 18-29-year-olds spend nine hours or more a day on digital devices and over 90% of adults use digital devices more than two hours per day.

You are reading this article online.

Biofinity Energys™ contact lenses are effectively creating a new category, the only contact lenses with Digital Zone Optics™ lens design combined with Aquaform® Technology.

In trials, 9 out of 10 people who use digital devices said that Biofinity Energys™ made their eyes feel good after a week of using the lenses. 8 out of 10 people who had tired eyes before wearing the Biofinity Energys™ contact lenses said their eyes felt less tired after they tried them.

Product Details

  • Comfilcon A/48%
  • BASE CURVE(mm)  8.6
  • DIA(mm) 14.0
  • SPHERE POWER +8.00D to -12.00D (0.50 steps after +/-6.00D)
  • Centre thickness 0.08 (at -3.00D)
  • DESIGN Digital Zone Optics™
  • WEARING SCHEDULE Daily or up to 29 nights continuous
  • Dk/t (at -3.00D)160

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