Shopping online for contact lenses

Shopping online for contact lenses

Choice, there’s a lot of it out there and with the Internet you literally have a world of choices. Apart from choice one of the other great advantages of the Internet is being able to search for the lowest possible price. You can compare products, shop around and find what’s best for you.

Of course, the Internet has disadvantages also. How do you know if the product is ‘the real thing’, how long will it take to arrive or will it arrive? What if there’s a problem, do I have any comeback?

When shopping online for contact lenses you can be quite confident that, if you are ordering branded lenses, they are what they say they are. The contact lens companies are very aware of what bad publicity can do to them and have staff members employed to track their products and randomly check that suppliers are supplying the correct product. You can also buy cheaper ‘alternative’ lenses for a fraction of the price, however you should be aware that these lenses tend to come in a ‘one size fits all’ and don’t take personal needs into account.

Some sites insist on seeing a copy of a recent check up with an optician and others don’t. If you think that it’s an inconvenience having to supply details of a check up then compare this with the ‘inconvenience’ of causing damage to your eyes simply because you didn’t look after them.

Contact lenses are a wonderful product but you are inserting a foreign body into your eye so shouldn’t you check that it is the correct size and type before you wear them?

What if you get an eye infection or have a reaction because of the contact lenses? If you return to your local opticians they could possibly be reluctant to treat you because the problem wasn’t caused by their product and therefore they have no obligation to help you. If you purchase online what after sales service do you get?

The other problem with buying online is that you are often unaware of where the company is based. Even though the web address is ‘.ie’ this often doesn’t mean that it’s an Irish company, it simply means that a large global or European company are trying to trick you into believing that you are supporting a ‘local’ business. Often customers haven’t read the fine print when they have agreed to a sites ‘Terms and Conditions’ and have been shocked when their low cost contact lenses have arrived to their door accompanied by a rather expensive customs clearance bill.

At OpticalRooms we are aiming to give you the best of both worlds- low Internet prices from a 100% guaranteed Irish company. All this with the added benefit of our after sales service- if you have a problem you can call to one of our practices. Once you have given us your most recent prescription you have a personal online account on our site and you can access your information, make purchases, track your orders or submit queries 24 hours a day. If you call us you will speak to a fully trained staff member who will endeavor to help you with any questions you have.

So there you have it choice and value, and instead of having to go to the other side of the world for it we’re right on your doorstep. – Ireland’s Online Optician – 100% guaranteed Irish