Remote Ergonomic Wearable


Innovating Solutions from Opticalrooms

OpticalRooms has introduced ground-breaking wearable technology to tackle the problem of health and safety ergonomics assessments for remote workers.Whether the current remote working trend is a short-term situation or has more long-term possibilities remains to be seen. However, working safely is a shared responsibility of the employer and the employee, regardless of location. It is imperative to ensure that employees new “work environment” is designed to accommodate their needs and prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) or computer vision syndrome (CVS) from occurring. Employers have certain legal responsibilities according to the HSE duty of care and OpticalRooms are working to offer solutions to help them meet these requirements.

Until recently, assessments were carried out in person. However, with COVID-19, OpticalRooms´ advanced Remote Ergonomics Wearable is the cost-effective method of accomplishing this ergonomics assessment task. The in-person assessment isn´t always feasible or even appropriate in our current times.

Don Stack of OpticalRooms says “Our Remote Ergonomics Wearable empowers employees to assess their working conditions and make adjustments to their own workstations and work routines. Rather than waiting for things to go back to the way they were, we are looking for solutions to move forward right now.”


The monitor is a device that attaches to a glasses frame and is worn for at least 36 hours. If the person doesn´t wear glasses, a frame with clear lenses will be provided. It provides accurate personalised assessments for home office setups using revolutionary comprehensive ergonomic evaluation software. It measures Viewing Distances, Ambient Light Conditions, Head Orientation and Motion and provides a Time Stamp for accurate records of activities. The results offer recommendations on workstation setup, equipment, and body mechanics and will substantially increase employee productivity, engagement, and retention during these uncertain times.

The Vivior Sensory

The Vivior Sensors


The monitor offers objective real-life data. Over a typical 5-day period data is collected and recommendations offered on the following:

  • DEVICES – Time spent on various devices
  • VISUAL DEMANDS –Distance engaged on each device
  • LIGHTING – Measurements, including contrast ratio to screen and screen brightness
  • BREAKS – Number of breaks taken and average duration of the breaks per hour
  • WORKPLACE VIEWING PROFILE – Monitor to chair height assessment
  • HEAD POSITION – Measurement of neck flexation and head positions while carrying out different tasks
  • BLUE LIGHT – Record of the exposure to blue light during the day


OpticalRooms are working to help their corporate clients tackle difficulties that have arisen due to the current global crisis.

  • Accuracy – AI gathers information on posture, frequency and duration data and converts it to objective data
  • Multiple monitors can be employed for larger companies, and can be sent to any destination
  • Inclusion – the monitor is not constricted by location and offers the opportunity for all employees, regardless of global location
  • Risks identified can be reduced or eliminated, thereby protecting your staff
  • Remedial actions can improve comfort and can potentially improve productivity
  • Opportunity to influence behaviours and promote safe working practices, improving occupational health figures
  • Early identification of symptoms may help reduce long term cumulative damage, potentially reducing lost time
  • Reduced time off work should offset any costs of equipment required for programme implementation
  • An objective data record of actions will provide an audit trail and assist you if involved with legal action or compensation claims



This monitor is designed to be worn for 5 days. It not only monitors the working environment but gives an accurate assessment of the overall environment with timestamps to identify risk times. Because it doesn´t have a camera or a microphone, wearers are assured that they are protected.

Don Stack of OpticalRooms states “Remote working is moving to the forefront of corporate sustainability programs and potentially reduces the corporate carbon footprint. However, the ergonomic risks for computer-based employees are the same as the risks found when employees are working from the corporate office. Our monitor is a revolutionary, accurate, cost-effective method to address ergonomics in the home office. We are delighted to add it to our list of solutions during the pandemic – we also offer remote VDU assessments, we have an e-commerce website with useful information for our patients and we offer a remote triage service.”