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Zaspray from Thea
Easy to apply spray that relieves dryness and doubles as an anti-allergy
How it works:
It protects, hydrates and lubricates the eye’s surface, as well as reliving itchy, dry irritated red eyes, especially associated with allergy.
Zaspray is suitable for all dry eye patients. Remove contact lenses prior to applying Zaspray.
Zaspray is easy and pleasant to use, spray mist in a precise measured dose to the innovative Aptar® bottle technology.
It offers an ideal alternative to traditional eye drops
– 100% Preservative Free
– 4% Liposomes helps to repair the Lipid Layer
– 0.5% Perilla Seed Extract acts as a natural antioxidant

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Introducing Zaspray: Your Easy Solution for Itchy, Dry Eyes!

Spray Away the Discomfort!

Got itchy, dry eyes? Zaspray is here to help! It’s a super easy-to-use eye spray that brings quick relief to those annoying allergy symptoms.

Why You’ll Love Zaspray:

  • Simple Spray Action: No more struggling with eye drops! Just a quick spritz and you’re on your way to comfort.
  • Gentle & Safe: Totally free from preservatives, so it’s kind to your eyes.
  • Keeps Your Eyes Happy: It helps your eyes keep their natural moisture, making them feel great all day.
  • Smart Bottle Tech: The cool Aptar bottle makes sure you get just the right amount of spray every time.

What’s Inside Zaspray:

  • Per-Lip Complex & Hyaluronic Acid: These ingredients work together like a dream team. They help keep your tear film (the natural layer of moisture in your eyes) stable, which means more hydration and less dryness and itchiness.

Easy to Use: We’ve got a quick video to show you just how easy it is to use Zaspray. Say goodbye to itchy, dry eyes and hello to comfort!


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