Optifog Lenses from Essilor, solution for mask wearers


Optifog Lenses from Essilor, solution for mask wearers

OpticalRooms is pleased to offer the latest in Fog Free Spectacle Lenses


Essilor Optifog spectacle lenses

Are you sick of your glasses fogging up? There are so many ways to try to avoid this problem exacerbated by our mask wearing new norm.

At OpticalRooms, we offer anti-fog spray and anti-fog wipes and we are delighted to introduce a new weapon in our arsenal of anti-fog products – anti-fog lenses.

Essilor Optifog´s exclusive anti-fog technology helps reduce bothersome steam and fog from appearing on your lenses.

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Optifog Step 1

Optifog Step 1






1.      Every day: Clean your Essilor Optifog lenses using the Optifog Smart Textile that comes with the lenses.

Optifog Step 2

Optifog Step 2






2.      Every 2 weeks: Wash your Optifog lenses with water. To avoid contamination, it is recommended to wash your eyeglasses every time they get dirty or after they have potentially been exposed to infected agents.

Optifog Step 3

Optifog Step 3






3.      Every 3 months (or after 450 activations): Renew your Optifog Smart Textile from your optician.

Fog Lenses

Foggy lenses


The benefits are clear to see!

Fog repellence: Remains fog free even in extreme conditions.

Scratch resistant: Ensuring clear vision, guaranteed for 2 years.

UV protection: Protects your eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

Glare reduction: Less reflections for clarity of vision and improved aesthetics.

Dust repellent: Repels dust particles for clearer vision and easy to clean lenses.

Lens fogging happens whenever there is a temperature difference between the glasses and the outside environment. When warm air meets a cool surface, condensation forms. The same thing happens when wearing a mask – your warm breath exits through the top of the mask and causes your lenses to fog up.

So, do anti-fog lenses really work? The simple answer is, YES! If you follow the 3 step instructions from Essilor you should enjoy a clear view from your lenses in everyday situations: cooking, playing sports or moving from hot to cold or humid environments. This is a hassle-free solution to foggy lenses.

Anti-fog lenses for a new way of life..

There are altrenatives to add to your current glasses in a anti-fog spray and anti-fog cloth

Both of these, separate options, to reduce the fogging of your glasses have a solution you apply to your glasses lenses and allow it to dry on to be effective.

Some peolpe have the habit of using these as a cleaner of their lenses and reduce their efficiency, by removing the actual coating that works as the anti-fog.

Contact us to discuss Optifog lenses or any variation of this issue, feel free to contact us.

Those interested in ordering these Antifog lenses note we can add these new lenses to your current frame.

The price for these lenses in your prescription is € 165  for a pair of single vision

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