Nutrof Total Capsules

Nutrof Total Supplement

Nutrof Total Capsules

Evidence based research has given us a far better understanding of macular degeneration (AMD), now the number one cause of registered blindness.

Typical those at risk are the elderly and affected to various degrees.

There are 4 important recognised factors we asses for assessing risk and disease prognosis:

  1. Those who have a family history of AMD
  2. Those that smoke or only recently ceased
  3. Patients with early signs of drusen
  4. Retinal pigment layer depleted

Effectively, in age related macular degeneration the retinal cells at the back of the eye that receive light in their normal function, absorb this light, converting it into and electrical impulse which is sent to the visual cortex and interpret the image. The by-products of this chemical reaction in the normal retina, happens millions of times a day without any side effects.

When these retinal cells with time and aging undergo what we refer to oxidative stress these cells continue to function but with various difficulties. The perception of the resulting image is altered and the waste materials from the process is not removed and dealt with as previously in the younger patient. We know the pigment responsible for this action in the younger adult is not available in the older patient thus increasing the likelihood of harmful by-products building up and leading to degenerative changes.

It is the accumulation of this waste material referred to as drusen that are often the first sign of early macular degeneration.

Previous and ongoing research continues to investigate what we can do to reduce the oxidative stress in this condition. We know by reducing the harmful high energy light (HEV) falling on these deplete retinal pigment epithelial cells we lessen the damaged cause. This is particular pertinent in today’s technology lead lifestyles as HEV light is emmitted for all back lite LED digital devices such as your smart phone, tablet and computer. Adding suitable filters to patients glasses reduces this risk significantly.

Taking supplements such as Nutrof Total as we are focusing on here is a major step in preventing and slow the progress of this condition.

The latest research showing the effect of taking various different strengths of Lutein, Lutein and Zeaxanthine combined, have shown significant improves over patient who did not take these supplements.

These supplements have a specific function in reducing the oxidative stress caused by every day lifestyles. Visual exposure to harmful light rays as well as a diet insufficient to offer an effective level of this anti-oxidants are the reason supplements are recommended.
The most recent research, highlights very convincing evidence that taking these supplements at the early stages of macular degeneration or even before any signs of the disease is found to be highly effective, in preserving the integrity and health of the retina in the elderly.

We offer full digital macular scans to diagnose and accesses AMD.

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