MiyoSmart – Myopia Control Lenses for Children

Myopia Management with MiYoSmart Lenses

MiyoSmart – Myopia Control Lenses for Children

MiyoSmart – Myopia Control Lenses for Children


Myopia, near-sightedness or short-sightedness, is the inability to see things clearly in the distance. It happens when the eye grows too long. People with myopia see things that are up close clearly whereas far objects are blurry. Myopia causes eye strain which can lead to headaches and chronic eye conditions in older adults.

Myopia is on the rise, with the Brien Holden Vision Institute predicting that by 2050, Half the world (or 4.8 billion people) will be short -sighted.  This is not only alarming but a real cause of concern for everyone. It is the most common prescription among children and young adults. The incidence of myopia is expected to increase significantly as lifestyles change. This is particularity important when it comes to children as they take part in more intense near tasks like using digital devices, studying and reading. Spending less time outdoors is also a trend we think contributes to increasing rates of near-sightedness.

MiYoSmart Lenses

Myopic eye versus normal eye


The good news is that current research and available options can work to SLOW DOWN myopia progression (near-sightedness changes) by about a third to a half on average, depending on the option selected and your child’s individual factors. Myopia control is achieved by prescribing special types of spectacles, contact lenses or atropine eye drops to slow down progression.


As soon as possible! The research evidence indicates that the earlier a child becomes myopic, the faster their blurred distance vision and glasses prescription will continue to worsen. If we are going to have the biggest impact on slowing myopia progression and reducing the final amount of myopia your child ends up with, we should act quickly.


MiYoSmart lenses

MiYoSmart lenses for Myopia control.

When your child is an adult! Research indicates that about half of children with myopia stop worsening by age 16. But this means that half are still progressing. A large-scale study over at least seven years of follow up showed that:
Half of myopic children stabilize by age 16
Three-quarters will stabilize by age 18
90% will stabilize by age 21.

Children who spend less than 3 hours a day on near work (reading and screen time ASIDE from school time, whether for homework or leisure) are more likely to stabilize by age 16. It is important to consider their visual demands and personal factors in selecting the right strategy.
One of the most recent innovations is a spectacle lens called MiyoSmart from HOYA.
A recent trial done on children aged eight to 13 years old saw their myopia progression reduced by an average of 60 per cent after two years wearing spectacles with MiyoSmart lenses. While myopia progression did not stop completely, it was significantly reduced. Children wearing these lenses had much less progression in their myopia as compared to those wearing single vision lenses.
The clear central optical zone allows for the light to be perfectly focused on the retina, providing your child with sharp vision in the distance and while reading. The peripheral honeycomb treatment zone causes the peripheral light to focus in front of the retina rather than behind the retina in traditional eyeglasses lenses. This induced peripheral lens blur seems to signal the eye to stop growing or elongating.
A recent study published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology showed that the MiyoSmart lens reduced myopia progression by 60% compared to children wearing a traditional glasses lens.
Here are some more strategies to help control your child’s myopia:
Spend time outdoors, research shows that time spent outside slows down myopia progression.
Give your eyes a break. Reduce your child’s eye strain by reminding him/her to take breaks from intensive screen time or near work.
Annual eye exams. Regular checkups are encouraged to ensure that myopia and other vision problems are detected early.
Are these lenses safe for children?
The MiyoSmart lens is a really smart way to address myopia. It’s safe for active kids with its Eye Sheild impact-resistant, thin, light-weight, polycarbonate material. It also includes 100% UV protection. The lenses are water repellent and their anti-reflective coating makes them easy to maintain and wipe clean.
Children are more likely to damage spectacles and spectacle lenses than adults, so it is essential that frames and lenses selected for children are up to the tasks, fit well and are highly durable to avoid eye injury following for example a football to the face.

Myopia Management with MiYoSmart Lenses

Myopia Management with MiYoSmart Lenses














  • Glasses must be worn full time (15hrs/day, 7days/week) to be effective
  • Frame selection is very important and glasses must fit accurately (e.g. not too big or too small, not too high or too low). Our professional optometry staff will assist you with choosing the most appropriate frame.
  • May require 1-2 weeks adaptation
  • Cost for a pair of MiYoSmart lenses €320

Hoya have committed to replace any of their MiYOSMART if a prescription changes -0.75 or greater in any one year, free of charge.

Short video; https://youtu.be/-TdtD3-0HS8