Scope Eyecare is rebranding its VitA-POS night time dry eye ointment to HYLO NIGHT.
The ingredients remain exactly the same, and the price too! The only changes are the name and barcode



Hylo Night is a Vitamin A based preservative free lubricant for moderate to severe dry eye, particularly recommended for night time use. It may be used as an adjunct to day time drops and lid hygiene to improve the symptoms of dry eye. This product is used extensively within eye hospitals and recommended by ophthalmologists for the treatment of chronic dry eye.

Dry Eye means that your eyes may not produce enough natural tears, these tears may be of poor quality or evaporate faster than they should. The normal function of the tears is to keep the surface of the eye wet and lubricated.

Any reduction in tear quality or quantity will produce a gritty and burning sensation, and may cause vision to be unstable. The eyes may also be tired, red, watery, painful and sensitive to light. Contact lenses may be uncomfortable.

Causes include:

  • Decline of tear production with age
  • Certain medications e.g. oral contraceptives, anti acne medications, diuretics
  • Certain general health conditions e.g. autoimmune disease such as arthritis
  • Computer use
  • Environmental factors, e.g. air conditioning, pollution
  • Contact lens wear
  • Post laser surgery
  • Blepharitis-inflammation of the eyelids

How does HYLO NIGHT work?

While we are sleeping, no tears are produced. For those that suffer from dry eye disease, this can mean a painful awakening, with the eyelids sticking together and lid incrustations forming. The conjunctiva and the skin around the eyelids can also become inflamed and irritated due to friction.

When VitA-Pos is applied to the eyes at bedtime, it can prevent the above effects. It remains on the eye for up to 6 hours, enabling optimum moisturisation during the night. The lids are kept smooth, and friction and crusting around the eyes are prevented.

Key ingredients

HYLO NIGHT is a sterile, preservative free, vitamin A eye ointment that also contains liquid paraffin, light liquid paraffin, wool fat and white soft paraffin.

Key features of HYLO NIGHT:
  • Preservative free, phosphate free and therefore very well tolerated
  • Remains sterile for 6 months from opening
  • Very cost effective with 300 applications in one 5g tube
  • Excellent duration of action offering at least 6 hours of comfort
  • It provides lubrication to the eye surface for at least 6 hours
Directions for use:

Apply a small strand of HYLO NIGHT along the lid into the conjunctival sac every day before going to bed. Do not allow the tip of the tube to touch the eye.

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