Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured Contacts Lenses

Coloured_Contact _Lenses

Coloured Contact Lenses from Alcon.

If you were every interested in a cosmetic change with your contact lenses, Alcon have a great offer. Their Beauty Pack comes with a choice of 3 pairs of lenses in 3 different colours. This is a 3 month supply of soft colour disposable contact lenses, and the €60 price is effectly giving one month free.
The offer allows the wearer to choose any 3 colours from the Freshlook ColourBlends/Colours/Dimensions. Each month a different colour and a chance to select which suits the wearer best or go ahead and select another 3 colours in your next order.
Here we will describe the lens choices, the various colour options and who they are aimed at.
Your natural eye colour will greatly effect the eye colour achieved with these lenses, particularly ColourBlends and Freshlook Colours


Freshlook Colourblends

Freshlook Colourblends are designed to enhance subtley your own natural colour. There are 12 colour choices in this range.


Freshlook Colourblends Choices

“The first ‘3 in 1’ contact lens blends three colours on one lens to create a totally natural result, giving subtle yet complete eye colour change” according to the manufacturers.

Freshlook Colours are designed to also enhance the natural base colour of the eye but with a much more dramatic result.


Freshlook Colours

There are 6 colours in this range.


Freshlook Colours options

And finally Freshlook Dimensions,


Freshlook Dimensions.

which have a “charcoal outer starburst pattern makes eyes look bigger and brighter adding depth and dimension with three natural-looking transparent hues”. In essence if you want a completely different appearance from you natural eye colour this is the lens to select, there are 3 colour choices in this range.


Freshlook Dimension colour choices

The 3 different coloured contact lenses in this offer all have the same fitting size and dimensions (8.6 B.C.)
Order your beauty pack here if you are already a contact lenses wearer and have been fitted for these lenses. Alternatively call to one of our Dublin optical clinics to be fitted and transform your appearance, month after month! VIDEO describing this offer and how to order HERE

Beauty Pack 3 Pairs