CliC Magnetic Reading Glasses

CliC Magnetic Reading Glasses

CliC Magnetic Reading Glasses

Let’s face it. After a certain age, using reading glasses is inevitable.

Of course, another sign of age is forgetfulness. Have you ever put your reading glasses down and couldn’t remember where you put them? Or perhaps you have been sitting on them without realizing?

The great news is that there is actually a cure for all of these problems!

As I am reaching a “certain age milestone” I have recently noticed that when I use my mobile phone or try to read a book the letters seem blurry and unclear and I need to take some distance to see them clearly. Unfortunately, my arm isn’t quite long enough anymore to hold the phone or book far enough away to gain clarity!

The thing is, this eye condition is very common. It usually appears when people are in their 40s, when eyes start to lose their capacity to adapt crystalline lens’ shape and their ability to focus and see sharply at short distances.

Because of this affliction I got a pair of reading glasses. However, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, I kept forgetting where I had put them! Another thing was that when they were in their case they took up too much handbag space (how do men survive with just what can fit in their pockets???) so I used to put them in my handbag without their case. This led to the lenses getting a little scratched and the frame being slightly out of shape and sitting at an awkward angle on my face! I needed to find something better!

CliC Glasses Offer a Solution

Fortunately, CliC glasses offer a solution for all of the above mentioned disadvantages and since investing in a pair, I haven’t stopped talking about how wonderful they are!

CliC, this simple sound-turned-into-a-brand, is the synthesis of an extraordinary idea: practical and trendy reading glasses (with a frontal magnetic connection opening) that can remain on the neck because of their rigid collar. CliC is the result of design meeting utility because you always have your glasses safe and at hand.

And now for the technical part… The original project was actually developed from a NASA patent (no wonder these glasses are Out of this World!). They are made of polycarbonate which guarantees extreme flexibility and at the same time resistance towards any kind of bending or impact. The “CliC” is achieved with neodymium magnets, which are then covered by an anti-oxidant layer. The magnets are guaranteed to last 150 years (I think that should be enough for my lifetime…) and the glasses can be worn by people who use pacemakers or hearing aids (I’m not quite at that stage yet, but it’s good to know!). The final bit of technical info is that they have been proven to resist winds up to 208km/h. I’m not sure how that will ever be relevant in my life but perhaps if I happen to take up skydiving it could be something I would need.

Another essential bit of information, the most effective way to clean these glasses is so simple, water and soap! You don’t need any special products, alcohol (well, not for the glasses anyway!) or any other types of solvents.

These glasses come in a wide variety of shapes and colours so they cater for many different style choices and ‘looks’. They are full of character and offer the wearer charisma and distinction: classical shapes, new formats, great colours and timeless trends.