Blue Control Optical Lenses

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Blue Control Optical Lenses.

It is almost impossible to live with our modern lifestyle without having contact with something digital. Whether it be computers, tablets, smart phones, modern household appliances, street advertisements, and the list goes on and on, it is all around us.
While we do not want to seem negative about this (you are on our website so we are also enjoying the benefits of the digital era) we would like to offer some advice on how to protect your eyes and improve your comfort while using your laptop, tablet and/or smart phone.
Increasingly we are surrounded by potentially harmful high energy blue light from many sources. This is the light at the edge of our visible spectrum that bridges the gap where UV invisible radiation evolves into visible blue light. Not surprisingly, throughout evolution and true to Darwin’s philosophy, our bodies have adapted to the day and night cycle of our daily lives.
Light, and our perception of it, triggers changes in our bodies helping us to come to full alertness in the morning and slow down and sleep when it gets dark. Increasing exposure in our offices, homes and using our devices at close range are all confusing these daily cycles.
There are many other difficulties due to reduced blink rate and staring at screens and these difficulties cause fatigue, dry eye and red burning eyes… but that is another discussion.
Our eyes naturally block harmful light entering the eye but at different ages to different and varying degrees. Children are most susceptible to this high energy blue light as their eyes are so clear and transparent. At the other end of the age scale, elderly with new cataract replacement implants have replaced the natural filter that protected the back of the eye from this high energy blue light.
Here is a brief video demonstrating the blocking effect of our Blue Control Optical Lenses
In our practices we regularly recommend the Blue Control optical lenses supplied by Hoya. However, these lenses are also available online through our website These are a premium lens that patients find relieve a lot of the stress and strain due to long periods of usage on their devices. The lenses have the added benefits of being scratch resistant, anti-reflective, water and dirt repellent and anti-static. They really are an all encompassing, top of the range lens. When buying the lenses you have the choice of re-glazing your existing frame, buying a new frame and lenses, purchasing a voucher at the greatly discounted price currently offered and use it within the next 6 months or you can buy a voucher for someone of your choice.
It is worth noting that a certain amount of blue light is necessary for clarity and vision so the purpose of the lenses is to block only the high energy harmful range (around 435nm).
Significant research is available detailing the effects of this blue light on the eye. We believe it is only a matter of time before everyone will protect their eyes from long term exposure to this harmful high energy light.

Facts about Blue Light

Facts about Blue Light









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