Acuvue Contact Lenses

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Acuvue Contact Lenses

Acuvue is the brand name used by Johnson & Johnson for a family of contact lenses, from their daily wear lenses, to their fortnightly disposable selection. The Acuvue brand is synonymous with quality and comfort and can safely be regarded as the global leader in contact lens design and development .

Acuvue Contact Lenses

Acuvue Contact Lenses

We know comfort is the principle reason people drop out of frequent contact lens wear. Extensive research patient satisfaction rates are not to be trusted as 20% of those reporting satisfaction are in fact about to cease their contact lens wear. Acuvue contact lenses are designed with comfort as their priority. Using newer hydrogel materials as well as silicon hydogel this range of contact lenses has the highest satisfaction rating in the market place. Adopting new technologies in the manufacturing and design of these lenses as well as the inclusion of wetting agents comfort has been greatly improved for lenses wearers previously struggling to get trough a full day in their contacts.

Acuvue grading chart

Grading of the problems

Contact lens wearers need to be disciplined about how often they should replace their contact lenses. It’s extremely important that you replace your lenses on schedule in order to keep your eyes comfortable and healthy. These Acuvue contact lenses have been rigorously tested and approved by the appropriate authorities (FDA) to be worn only for the recommended time they specify, i.e daily or fortnightly. Acuvue daily disposable are not designed to be slept in or stored over night and used again the following day. Wear these lenses for one day, then simply discard and replace with a fresh, new pair the next day. No need for cleaning, disinfecting or storing.
The fortnightly choices are worn for one day, but rather than discard them at the end of the day you clean and disinfect them, then store them in a contact lens case until you reapply (you’ll find many multi-purpose contact lens solutions that clean and disinfect in one step, making lens care even easier).
The exception within the Acuvue contact lenses range is the Oasys which has been approved for more continuous wear, even while sleeping usually for a 6 day & night period and not the fortnightly regime when wore only during the day.
Advice from the manufacturers o help maintain a good safe regime are listed here:

• Always replace your lenses on the same day of the week – many people discard their old lenses on Sunday night and start with a fresh pair on Monday morning

• Mark your calendar – paper or electronic – to remind yourself when to replace your lenses

• When you open up a new box of lenses, write your ‘fresh lens’ day or date on the individual lens packages

• Write ‘reorder’ on your last box of lenses, along with the telephone number of your optician (01 779 0999)

It is always possible to change your wearing schedule to suit our life style an time of the year. Perhaps daily disposables are more appropriate during the winter months when you may require contact lenses less. Perhaps wearing you glasses o wok and using daily disposables for going to the gym or any other form of exercise. Frequently people elect for fortnightly disposable during the summer months as they increase their wearing schedule. We are happy to discuss the best option for you a your check up or simply email us for a reply to our inquiry

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