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Blepha Eyebag


Blepha Eyebag

Microwaveable heat pack for troublesome Blepharitis. Use daily, reheat up to 200 times. Clinically proven for MGD related evaporative dry eye patients.

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Blepha Eyebag

Blepha Eyebag

The re-usable warming eye mask for a rapid and long-lasting effect.

For Dry Eye MGD, Blepharitis, Styes and Chalazion.

  • Rapid and long lasting relief of Dry, Tired and Sore Eyes
  • Easy to use, microwaveable, can be heated up to 200 times
  • Clinicially Proven Treatment for MGD and Blepharitis
  • Relief of symptoms of other related eye conditions such as Styes and Chalazion
  • Gentle, pleasant to use warming eye mask to help unblock meibomian glands and improve tear quality

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