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Dry Eye Clinics

Dry Eye Clinics.


Dry eye specialists

Opticalrooms increasingly in its corporate onsite role is increasingly coming across employees suffering from dry irritated eyes. Our use of technology has greatly exacerbated any underlying eye issues, such as blepharitis, a common lid inflammation that is found in 80% of dry eye sufferers.

Our aim is to inform patients of the best practices to self-manage their dry eye. There are a lot of products in the marketplace and we are delighted to have the support of both Thea pharmaceuticals and Scope Ophthalmics to offer market-leading products for the wide and varied causes of dry eye disease. We will propose a treatment plan which has proven successful within our own GP based optical clinics.
Where people are not reaching the result they desire or good management of their condition we can offer an in clinic Dry Eye assessment. We have on-site our specialist dry eye equipment to offer a comprehensive dry eye assessment and supply a treatment plan to teach people how to self-manage this chronic irritating condition.


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Dry eye is a multifactorial condition so it can take a little time to restore a healthy comfortable eye. Our western diet and lifestyle contribute significantly to this condition. Please phone or call into whichever of these stores are nearest you to avail of this service.

Feel free to contact us for further details or to reserve your dry eye assessment


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