Clic Reading Frames

Clic Reading Frames
Clic front magnetic reading glasses were designed for convenience, comfort and style. This innovative design makes Clics one of our most popular reading frames. Many people, after years of frustration losing their reading glasses or simply not having them to hand when required, revert to this method for the convenience they offer. We all forget where we leave things when distracted and busy, having these frames rest comfortably around your neck overcomes this issue.
Clic Reading Glasses.


Clic Magnetic Reading Glasses

Clic reading frames come in 4 models in over 20 different colour choices. Clic Vision has 2 sizes standard and XXL. This is the entry model and costs €79. Standard magnifying reading lenses (e.g.+1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50 etc ) are included in this price. The Evolution and Executive models have a different shape and a slightly larger lens size for those that do not like to be restricted in their field of view. The Flex range is the latest design which allow you to adjust the loop height behind your head to read comfortably in any position, even lying down. Never lose your reading glasses again.


Clic Reading Glasses range


Is it also possible to add your specific prescription to Clic? We offer a glazing service where we can add you specific power for your reading glasses. Simply call along to any of our clinics for a comprehensive eye examination or send us you own up-to-date prescription and we will do the rest.

Would you like to include a coating on your lenses to reduce glare, improve the scratch resistance or protect your eye from extended computer use? We offer anti-reflection, anti-scratch and BlueControl lenses in your prescription on request.

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The dioptre lenses that come with the Clic Vision range are basic reading lenses but we can add you full prescription allowing you to enjoy the same clarity as your previous glasses. Very high powers are not possible, the lenses would be excessively thick for the frame. we are happy to take any questions you might have at the end of this article or call us directly.

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Clic frames

Clic frames

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