Sea2See Eyewear

Sea2See is an innovative Spanish organization that is committed to tackling the epidemic of ocean pollution. Their range of eyewear is made solely from 100% recycled ocean plastic.

Based in Barcelona, Sea2See work with Catalonian fishermen across the region to bring in 1000kg of plastic waste every three days; waste such as discarded plastic fishing nets and the rubbish that has gathered within them. Approximately 10kg of plastic waste is needed to make each pair of sunglasses. Sea2See separates the substances that can used for the glasses, and resourcefully distributed the leftover materials to other companies to create nylon fishing wire and other essential items.

Sea2See eyewear is both classic yet innovative, comfortable yet stylish. Every aspect of the wearing process has been considered; from the spring hinge used for a more customised fit, to the moulded body of the frames to ensure a carefree wearing experience.

Join the movement of people choosing fashion against ocean plastic by choosing this sustainable range of eyewear.

Purchasing a frame makes you part of the change!

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