Lubrication and Eye Drops

Preservative Free Eye Drops are the most efficient way to treat the symptoms of dry eye, with immediate relief.  They provide the necessary lubrication and hydration, your eyes are lacking due to dry eye. We can send you a dry eye information pack detailing how to self-manage and the products we use daily in our dry eye GP based clinics
Typically eye drops are extremely effective and long lasting. Eye drops ensure value for money as most brands remain sterile for 3 months and some times up to 6 months. There’s an eye drop to relieve the symptoms of nearly all eye problems — whether you have dry eyes, conjunctivitis, red eyes or itchiness.
Determining which kind of eye drop or ointment is best depends on what kind of eye condition you have:
Dryness, Redness, Infection, Allergies, Itching, Soreness, Swelling, Mattering.

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