Hydrating Eye Drops and Ointments

These heavier more viscous eye ointments hydrate the eye more effectively than an aqueous based eye drop and remain within the eye for a long period.

We can send you a dry eye information pack to help you understand the general difficulties with dry eye and how to self-manage.

While we sleep, no tears are produced. If you suffer from dry eye, this can lead to a painful awakening, resulting in the eyelids sticking together and unpleasant incrustations forming. Lubricating eye ointments are particularly beneficial for the dry eye sufferer waking with sore scratchy eyes.

Patients with severe dry eye during the night or when they wake first thing would benefit from the new ThealozDuo gel. These are individual vials preservative free and very easy to administer to the eye. OpticalRooms also recommend VitA-POS eye ointment produced by Scope Ophthalmics as an effective overnight treatment.

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