Dry Eye Treatment and Digital Eye Strain

We offer many of the products we use within our Dry Eye clinics, here online. We can send you a dry eye information pack with details and instructions on how to self-manage.
In this modern day environment, dry eye associated with computer use is fast becoming the principle people are suffering from Digital Eye Strain The difficulty arises when mild dry eye symptoms are ignored, the condition advances and before inflammatory in nature. It becomes much more difficult to treat once an inflammatory cycle has been developed. 
The array of Dry Eye products available is vast but we offer the best of each category. Depending on why you suffer from Dry Eye, determines which product class will be most effective for you. Often a combination of products are necessary, such as day time drops and night time gels.
There are a lot of drops particularly, in your pharmacy, that can be confusing to select. We suggest a dry eye assessment which gives patients a clear direction on how to self manage.
Feel free to revert to us if you want specific advice info@opticalroms.com

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