Chronic Dry Eye Treatment Omega 3

Omega 3 is well established as beneficial for chronic dry eye treatment improving the quality and quantity of the lids natural oils. Increasing the levels of omega 3 has show to have anti-inflammatory action which often undrlies dry eye symptoms. There are many good Omega 3 some specifically aimed at dry eye disease.

We can send you a dry eye information pack to help better understand dry eye and how to self manage.

Evidence based research has given us a far better understanding of macular degeneration (AMD), now the number one cause of registered blindness. Typically those at risk are the elderly and affected to various degrees. There are 4 important recognised factors we asses for assessing risk and disease prognosis: those who have a family history of AMD
, those that smoke or only recently ceased, patients with early signs of drusen
, retinal pigment layer depleted.

Taking supplements such as Nutrof Total,  Lagad Lacrima or Hyabac Caps is a major step in preventing and slow the progress of this condition.

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