World Sight Day

World Sight Day
World Sight day is Oct 9th Thursday next. This year’s global drive is “No More Avoidable Blindness”.
A Global Action plan is in place to reduce global blindness by 25%, by 2019. Fortunately a lot of the global blindness can be alleviated with basic treatment and optical services.
You may have seen RTE Nationwide edition that documented the great work that has been carried out by our own National Optometry Centre DIT Dublin run by Prof. James Loughman and his team.


RTE Nationwide Documentary

There is a great need for basic services in a lot of the poorer areas around the world. This Mozambique project as documented in the Nationwide video was a great success. Mozambique had no optical services for it’s 24 million inhabitants and the Optometry Centre set up public services and initiated a school of optometry where they are now training and qualifing their own optometrists to work within the community. This has been a 6 year project funded by ActionAid Ireland and private donations.
This October we are being asked to help at a local level to aid these global projects. We are Asking people to donated their glasses. Opticalrooms pledges to give a cash donation for each frame donated and also offer the donor €25 towards their new frames and lenses (from our €99 range and above).
We ask people to donate frames and lenses in a fit state to pass on these projects.
If it is time for you to change or upgrade your frames maybe this migh be the incentive you need.
Your challenge for this great appeal is to Trade-In and Trade-Up
We are liaising with our National Optomotery Centre and will pass on these donations along with our cash contribution at the end of the month.

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