Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses
Glasses can be a pain and so can the wrong kind of contact lenses. Daily disposable contact lenses make wearing contacts comfortable and convenient. Daily contact lenses are the perfect soft contacts for someone who does not necessarily need or want to wear contacts on a regular basis. The attraction of contact lenses that are disposed of daily, there is no cleaning, no maintenance, and less eye irritation. a clear sterile lens is opened before each wear.
Daily contact lenses are as the name suggest, are worn for a day then discarded. There are many advantages to both daily contact lenses and soft contacts. With disposable daily contact lenses there is less buildup on the lenses than with contacts that are worn for a long period of time. This buildup can cause eye irritation and redness. With disposable daily contact lenses there is no need to worry about buildup or eye irritation. There is also no need for cleaning when using daily contact lenses, which means less money, spent on buying contact solutions.

Soft daily contact lenses are often worn for a short period of time. There are three different kinds of soft contacts; daily wear lenses, extended wear lenses, and monthly disposable lenses. Daily contact lenses are worn during the day then cleaned at night or discarded; the amount of time the lenses can be used varies by manufacturer. Extended wear lenses are worn for a longer period (often left in the eye overnight) of time and are often cleaned once a week, eye irritation and buildup on the lenses is more common with extended wear lenses.
Soft contacts are made of a thinner lighter polymer which allows them to sit more comfortably on the eye. The high water content allows for more oxygen to reach your cornea, reducing the likelihood of eye irritation or dry eye. People with allergies often wear soft daily disposable contact lenses because there is less eye irritation and no need for cleaning solutions that can also cause irritation.

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