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Our facilities vary from client to client – for some of our larger clients, we have a permanent “ in-house practice” within their campus. Smaller clients may opt instead for our “pop-up” style mobile onsite practice where we set up a clinic within their business area for a few days a month. We also have clinics situated within Medical Centres and employees can come to see us at a time that is convenient for them.

The trend of permanent, full time optical, medical, dental and physiotherapy clinics within a business is relatively new in Ireland. Companies are realizing the importance of these wellness centres, not only for the additional benefits they offer their employees but also for the reduced time loss when the services are located so conveniently for the staff. It can be a recruiting benefit and the larger and more progressive companies realise that Corporate Wellness is considered essential for employees.

We aim to provide a full and comprehensive service to every project that we are involved with.

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    Opticalrooms offers onsite Optometry throughout Ireland for every size of corporate and manufacturing companies. We partner with all the national health insurers to offer optical benefits to employees.

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